Class Descriptions

Below is a brief description of some of the classes that I offer.

 The Art of Balance

Living in balance seems to be a challenge for most people these days. This class shares the importance of connecting our body, mind, emotions and spirit to support us living in balance. Each area is covered and includes numerous tips and tools to support living a life in harmony including: how to stop your mind chatter immediately, the most important nutrient your body needs, how to harness the power of your own mind, how to raise your own vibrational frequency and many more….

Class length: 60 – 90 minutes

Format: Live or Tele-class

Attracting Your Perfect Relationships

I have taught this workshop to 1000s’ of people and have personally coached over 100 people on how to attract the perfect relationships into their lives. I am a Certified Strategic Synchronicity Facilitator. Whether you are looking for perfect customers, a new business partner/builder, ideal service providers or employees, a fulfilling social  community, or even your soul mate, this workshop will help you attract “dream relationships” into your life.

• Become a magnet for the type of relationships you desire in your life.

• Learn to build powerful relationships that support you in achieving your purpose.

• Receive a tool that you can use over and over to clarify the qualities, characteristics and attributes of your perfect relationships.

• Learn what makes you “tick” and how this is the key to attraction.

• Learn the “4 P” words that are key to how to apply the Universal Law of Attraction into your daily life.

Class length: 90 – 120 minutes

Format: Live or Tele-class

Creating Instant Rapport & Effective Communications

This is a 3-part training program that I have offered to organizations looking to improve staff communications. It includes a train-the-trainer program as well participant booklet/handouts. The 3 Workshops are:

• Part 1: Effective Communications: Make Every Word Count – Attitudes, Assumptions and Active Listening

• Part 2: Effective Communications: Make Every Word Count – Resolving Conflict

• Part 3: Effective Communications: Make Every Word Count – Motivational Leadership & Management

For more information on offering this workshop or being trained as a facilitator, please contact Dr. Sylva directly at:

Discover Your Passions – Live Your Destiny

• Want to live a more passionate, meaningful life?

• Looking for a new direction but not sure what that is?

• Are you ready to live a life on fire?

• Would you like to know the key to making your passions a reality?

The Passion Test TM is a fun, simple and profound process to prioritize the things that truly mean the most to you, so you can begin to live a life aligned with YOUR true passions! I’ve presented this workshop to 100’s of people as well as use this process with my private practice clients. The Passion TestTM work is based on the NY Times bestselling book

“The Passion Test-The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny.

Class length: Anywhere from 60 minutes to an all day workshop depending on the format and content being delivered. For more information contact Dr. Sylva at:

Format: Live for a 2 to 8 hour workshop and tele-class from 60 – 120 minutes

 Get Your Skinny Jeans Out of the Closet!

This 6-week teleclass is for those who are serious about permanent weight loss and weight management. The focus of this tele-series is to help you understand the beliefs, emotions and feelings you may be holding on to that correspond to you holding on to unwanted weight. A portion of each class will be spent on re-programming your mind to support you in being at your ideal weight and keeping it off.

For more information go to:

Class length: 90 minutes

Format: Teleclass

 Social Entrepreneurism and Marketing from the Heart

In this class, participants learn why now IS the best time to be a social entrepreneur and/or health practitioner. Conscious capitalism, the conscious consumer market and LOHAS are discussed and cause and social marketing defined. The 5 “P’s” of social marketing that every social entrepreneur needs to know are discussed as are a few tools to help you define your market and how to share your message

Class length: 60 – 90 minutes

Format: Live or Teleclass

A NEW 12-Part Social Entrepreneur Coaching Tele-Class is being launched

This teleseries includes interviews with many well-known social entrepreneurs and experts sharing their wisdom to help new social entrepreneurs launch their ideas and passions into the world and inspire existing social entrepreneurs to continue to fully live their destiny. For information on this teleclass series launch date and to participate, and please contact: Dr. Sylva at

Understanding You and Your Child’s Brilliant Mind – the Role of ADD & ADHD

This information packed class will give you the latest research on AD/HD and provide tips that can be used immediately to increase focus. Dr. Sylva is an expert in anxiety-based conditions and is passionate about spreading the word about non-medication approaches to AD/HD

• Understand how the mind works to tap into its brilliance and help your child do the same

• Learn how brainwave activity is associated with ADD/ADHD symptoms

• Learn a quick way to evaluate if you or your child has a “focus problem.”

• Find out how learning styles can impact the “diagnosis” of ADD/ADHD

• Learn about the single most important nutrient for reducing anxiety and stress that helps with focus…and, it’s free

• Learn the 4 principles of the unconscious mind that can positively shift your communication with yourself and others…and help you and your  children achieve brilliance!

Class length: 2 hours

Format: Live or Tele-class

 You Are Brilliant! Using Your Mind for Success

This class teaches fundamental understandings of the Conscious, Unconscious and Superconscious mind and how to tap into your brilliance. During the class Dr. Sylva shares tools and techniques you can use immediately to increase focus, manage stress, support brain and mind health and create positive change.  A great class for healthcare professionals to help them better support their clients/patients health outcomes.

Class length:  1- 2  hours

Format: Live or Tele-class