Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Sylva enjoys speaking to groups both large and small.  She tailors the content for her audience so that they are quickly engaged and can apply the information to their everyday lives. Dr. Sylva’s presentations often integrate ancient knowledge with our newest understandings of the body, mind and spirit. Her presentations also have a research and practical application along with audience interaction to facilitate learning. Those that have heard Dr. Sylva speak often comment on her authenticity and ability to share content in a way that is impactful and leaves a lasting impression.

 Topics Include: (For a description of all current classes/workshops please see the Classes page)

• The Power of Ritual for Health and Healing

• Your Hidden Riches Revealed: Ritual for Enhancing Everyday Life

• Attracting Your Perfect Relationships

• Discover Your Passions – Live Your Destiny

• Get Your Skinny Jeans Out of the Closet!

• Creating Instant Rapport & Effective Communications

• Social Entrepreneurism and Marketing from the Heart

•  Understanding You and Your Child’s Brilliant Mind – The Role of ADD and ADHD

• You Are Brilliant! Using Your Mind for Success

• The Art of Balance

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To keep informed about her upcoming workshops and teleclasses regularly check her Calendar on this website or send an e-mail to: and put “Class Schedule Request.”

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Sylva has taught in numerous settings and is available for corporate, network marketing, and school settings. Please direct inquiries to