“If there is one title I could give Sylva it would be – Professional Angel.

– Chris Attwood, NY Times Best Selling Author, “The Passion Test -The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny”

“Dr. Sylva has been a lifesaver for me. In her warm and loving way,with her deep wisdom and experience, she has led me through very challenging times. Her knowledge from her own life-experiences, her studies as well as her spiritual practice, have opened up a lot of new doors of understanding for me. My life is unfolding with much greater joy and grace these days.”

– Doris A. Germany

“Sylva’s hypnotherapy is so soothing and relaxing that I always look forward to a session. But what really counted is how how unattached I felt to my old stories after experiencing a session. I really felt like my subconscious mind had let go of its grip and I could easily create new behaviors without struggle. And, I actually have!”

– Glenda Haines, Eaton, Colorado

“I have enjoyed working with Dr. Sylva for the past year. Much of our work has to do with developing and maintaining daily practices that move us closer to the way we want to live; in greater peace, joy, and passion. Overcoming our habitual tendencies toward old patters requires “grooving a new groove” into the path we walk. The work of examining old patters and determining better ones is done together in session, but the work of creating a new habit, way of thinking or process required daily practice on my part. These practices, rituals, or markers are signals to me and my body to keep up the work of “grooving the new groove” in my life.”

– Amanda Orosz, World Traveler

“Implementing a daily “practice” took my ongoing continuous life long quest of self care from a place of something I “should” be doing to a place of actual nurturing.The rituals became something to look forward to doing. It shifted me from a place of healthy unending list of things I must do this to be alright. Removing the “should”…

Learning extreme gentle loving self care practices and rituals to honor myself and not fix myself has been a powerful learning. My daily practices and self care no longer come from a place of fixing me, rather it is learning to actually love myself slowly and unconditionally. Thank you Dr. Sylva for your loving kindness and extremely large generous heart. I appreciate your never ending patience with my humanity and joining me on my journey.”

– Sheila Semanek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

– Marzi O’Bryan, Italy

“I’ve loved the hypnotherapy. I have gone though many a visualization sessions and processes of the like, but never have I gone as deep. The sessions were extremely satisfying and productive. But most importantly, I began to see a shift in my attitude and the response from the Universe. Stuff was moving in the right direction for me. The sessions have been invaluable to me. I would recommend that if you want to see some forward movement, if you have been stuck and don’t know what to do next, if you know something is missing, beg borrow or steal a session from Sylva.

– Steven Rotblatt, Thousand Oaks, California

Changing my beliefs about myself and about what is possible for my health has been critical for me and the rituals have been the means for me to do that. I continue to get better, healthier, and stronger and to have greater clarity about my passions. My life continues to transform.”

– Elizabeth B

“One of the most valuable insights Dr. Sylva gave me is that for all the changes I want to make-to actually affect my health in a positive manner, I have to introduce rituals to my daily lifestyle routine. The secret of success resides in my ability to embrace, envision and feel these changes happening at the soul level. These ritual practices link the body with the mind and complete the circle of well-being. In just 3 weeks, I already feel a huge improvement.

– Neveen Shadi, Cairo, Egypt

“After my father passed away, I was crushed.  I mean, I was devastated.  I started working with Dr. Sylva because I wanted a coach to motivate me to simply take a daily shower.  In the process of working with Sylva I discovered joy, uncovered my true purpose, and learned simple techniques in motivating myself.   Sylva’s compassion, insight and unique approach make her a wonderful life-coach as well as a savvy business coach.  Today I’m thriving in the career of my dreams, enjoying my relationships more than ever, and feeling gratitude & happiness every single day.  Thank you Dr. Sylva for bringing me back to life.”

– Helen Djukic, Los Angeles, California

My mood and sleep are both much improved since Dr Sylva encouraged me to practice a set of daily practices to calm my nervous system. The people around me notice the difference too! “

– Karen L-T