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With Sylva Dvorak, PhD

Hello, I am Dr. Sylva

Dr. Sylva Dvorak holds a PhD in Psychoneurology and from Beurin University and undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Sylva has a private practice and also serves as the Chief Inspiration Officer and Executive Director of I AM Foundation (

Dr. Sylva has consulted with numerous Fortune 100-500 Companies, is a guest lecturer and speaker having shared the stage with Don Miguel Ruiz, Marcy Shimoff, Janet Attwood, Mary Morrissey and numerous others.

As an author she has published numerous articles, is the co-author or “Health Fairs for the Healthy Workforce” and the NY Times best selling book, “Your Hidden Riches-Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose.”

As featured in

“How grateful to know there is a way that is more grace-filled and nurturing to my body, mind and spirit. Thank you for steering me in the right direction.”

– Denise B., Pasadena, California​

“Dr. Sylva gave me my life back! I wasn’t sure anyone could help me beat the funk I was in, but sure enough she did! She gave me so many tools I never knew existed, and I am easily able to implement them into my day to day life! Dr. Sylva truly cares and you can feel that connection immediately. I cant say enough good things about her!”

– Jenna Fail, Charleston, South Carolina

“Dr. Sylva helped me restore the belief that love is possible.

– Larry L., Los Angeles, California​


3 Ways I can help

Your Hidden Riches provides a real-world guide for busy modern achievers to harness the power of ritual to create a rhythm to their life by managing their time, energy, and thinking, as well as tapping into their inner “hidden riches” to align themselves with their unique Life Design.

Go to this page to find some freebies to help you live a more calm, relaxed and stress-free life.

If you desire to live with less stress and anxiety and more calm and harmony in your life – then read my blog, consult with me or sign up for one of my programs.

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