I am a licensed Doctor of Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing and use a “whole-person” approach so that clients achieve the results they desire. I believe that true and long-lasting change and healing occur when we integrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I center counseling on creating a safe environment where clients experience heart-centered healing.

I primarily work with helping my clients by guiding them to gain insights into the presenting issues through discovering underlying patterns and behaviors and then finding a deeper truth. Next I help the client create new resources (mind/brain neuropathways) and daily rituals which are essential in creating positive and lasting change.

My approach is to help clients create a deeper understanding of how their conscious, unconscious and superconscious mind works. I then use and teach tools that support a deeper understanding so that they can move their life in a positive direction with a greater sense of balance.

I work with many individuals who are challenged by stress, anxiety, AD/HD, relationship issues, career challenges, phobias, low-self esteem, health challenges, weight issues, sleep issues and PTSD. I help a client determine their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual goals and support them in achieving these goals. I also work with couples.

My belief is that you are already perfect and whole. If you want to live in greater peace, joy, abundance, perfect health and freedom to realize all of life’s possibilities on a daily basis you must take steps to take you there… sometimes you may just need a little help to take you back to the perfection of who you are.

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