“Dr. Sylva helped me restore the belief that love is possible.”
– Larry L., Los Angeles, California

“How grateful to know there is a way that is more grace-filled and nurturing to my body, mind and spirit. Thank you for steering me in the right direction.”
– Denise B., Pasadena, California

“Dr. Sylva you are beyond a blessing! Because of your exact findings you saved my health in ways that no other doctor has been able to do given your unique process and suggested protocol. YOU are MY Golden Key to support me back to total health! Thank you!”
– Kathleen Ronald, Founder, SPEAKtacular!

“If there is one title I could give Sylva it would be – Professional Angel.”
-Chris Attwood, NY Times Best Selling Author, “The Passion Test -The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny”

“Dr. Sylva has been a lifesaver for me. In her warm and loving way,with her deep wisdom and experience, she has led me through very challenging times. Her knowledge from her own life-experiences, her studies as well as her spiritual practice, have opened up a lot of new doors of understanding for me. My life is unfolding with much greater joy and grace these days.”
– Doris A., San Diego, California

“Dr. Sylva has provided psychological and emotional support teaching me how to revise my self image and experience more success than I have ever dreamed possible. With her help my body has healed and I am able to achieve a view of myself that has lead me to a life even richer than before. I call on her skill and heartfelt practice whenever I am in a time of transition. I would not have the life of beauty, emotional richness, and peace that I experience each day without her brilliantly skillful and loving counseling and support.”
– Rosanne A., Kona, Hawaii

“I started working with Dr. Sylva because I wanted a therapist and I was hoping it wouldn’t feel like hard work, because lets face it: I work hard enough. Dr. Sylva’s progressive modalities have been extremely positive and effective. Her compassion, insight and unique approach make me feel like I have a therapist, life-coach, as well as a business-coach. In 8 short weeks I have learned exactly how to pin point areas of my life that need improvement and follow very methodical, simple steps to making my desired changes. It’s really working.”
– Helen D., San Diego, California